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Dominique TOURNIER, GéranteSpecialised in hosting and organising group trips, business tourism and events in the heart of the Jura Mountains, we can organise your meetings, corporate seminars, conferences, conventions, motivational events, weekends and team-building activities, offering you the incredible potential of our mountains and providing you with a varied service adapted to your requirements.
Founded by Dominique TOURNIER, JURA EVENTS has been using the experience acquired since 1995 and perfect knowledge of the Franco-Swiss mountain range to offer its customers a genuine competitive advantage, where the balance between conviviality and safety is always maintained.







  • Using our resourcefulness and the quality of our service providers to create your event, while complying with your objectives and budget
  • Designing your study days, trips, meetings and corporate seminars in conjunction with cultural or sports activities to combine the useful with the agreeable
  • Offering you new ideas to maintain the innovative and exclusive nature of your event
  • Being present when you hold your event to provide minute-by-minute assistance and ensure that we comply with our commitments


  • Spread our passion for the Jura Mountains, the department of Doubs and the Franche Comté region and help you to discover its authenticity, unspoilt nature and sense of welcome... both in summer and winter seasons.







  • Single point of contact & customized solution
  • Choice of service providers, reducing your costs and saving you time
  • Detailed invoicing for a clear offer without hidden charges
  • Provide you with our professional expertise and use our resourcefulness to meet all your requirements, from the most simple to the most complex
  • Advice and detailed quote within 48 hours

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