Do you need to book a work conference, organise a residential or sports seminar, a corporate challenge, bring your teams together or unite them? Franche Comté is clearly the perfect destination for companies who want to meet in a natural setting and recharge their employees' batteries surrounded by stunning landscapes. Vineyards in the Jura and cheese dairies in Comté provide excellent opportunities for visits, tasting sessions and fascinating encounters. Our region offers a wide variety of cultural possibilities and a comprehensive range of leisure, recreational and sports activities, allowing you to recharge your batteries in the open air! 

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Does a treasure hunt in the soft, luminous landscapes of Jura's vineyards appeal? Or an orienteering course in the heart of the Haut Doubs and its Scandinavian landscapes? Or horse-riding, walking or mountain biking in the resorts of Métabief or Les Rousses? Or an adventure course in a spruce forest? Or a water challenge in our very own lake district or maybe a canyoning trip in the turbulent waters of our many waterfalls? Or perhaps simply enjoying a tasting session with a winegrower or cookery course with a chef?
Let us know what you need!
We'll analyse your requirements and provide you with one or more proposals for seminars or team-building trips in line with your specific needs.


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